Zero Liquid Discharge – MEE

We have tie up for Effluent Concentrations through MEE system.

MEE is generally used to concentrate the liquid i.e. Product / RO rejects / Waste Water etc. It is designed with utmost precision to have a better Steam to Evaporation ratio and consumes lower utilities. The M.O.C. is selected suitably for given application considering our vast experience & expertise. The design is such that there is always lesser maintenance / fouling / choking of tubes.

A real Zero Liquid Discharge is achieved with MEE + ATFD which convert all the effluent / RO rejects into powder form. Further the Salt can be either reused / can be disposed to Landfill sites suitably.

Product Range

Few Applications

Direct Waste water High TDS / High COD streams
RO rejects in waste water
Product concentrations
Product recovery
Caustic Recovery Plants